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Resort 2012 Trend Report: Pajama Stripes

July 19, 2011

Anyone else wondering whether we will still be here to enjoy the fruits of 2012 trends? Every time I start to dissect anything to do with 2012, I say things like “Well I love that look but will probably be dealing with the end of the world instead.”

In this month’s UK Vogue, Jemima Khan hilariously (but also, poignantly and honestly) looks in to her aviophobia. She details her “plane porn” so brilliantly which made me think about how often I look into end-of-the-world theory websites and Mayan calender debates. Of course my logical brain tells me to stop being ridiculous. The rest of my brain loves entertaining the idea that it all might be over in a flash and if so, who will be around me when this happens, would I have reached my goal weight and what would be the ideal outfit (preferably something flame retardant?)

I think Pajama stripes would a great trend to sport for that moment when its all over. At least I’m going to be comfortable…


What’s In There: Louise Bourgeois, The Row Resort 2010, Celine Resort 2012, Winona Ryder in Girl Interrupted, Vogue UK’s ‘Make Do & Mend’, Junya Wantanabe SS11, Mick Jagger, Karel Teige, 1950s Christian Dior and a whole lotta stripes!

a Layers&Swathes collage using images from Capture The Castle, iiiinspired, TFS

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  1. Penny permalink
    July 27, 2011 7:04 am

    HMMM… Looks a bit like prison stripes but nevertheless great collage of images.

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